Abra Houngbeke


Abra Marceline Houngbeke was born in Togo, West Africa. Her artistic journey began when she was a young girl. After completing general studies, Abra studied batik for three years in Centre Artisanal. She came to the United States in 2004 and continued her studies with the Art Institute School in Minneapolis. She now lives in Richmond and is a wife and the mother of five beautiful girls.


Abra considers being an artist as a blessing from God, and her artwork allows her to explore the mysteries of this world. Sculpting these designs has increased her understanding of God’s love and taught her how everything on this earth is created in His own image.


Abra hopes to communicate with others and help them understand the presence of God in their lives as we are continuously being molded and shaped in this world. The time spent on her artwork sculpting, molding, and refining has taught her patience, humbleness, and meekness in tough situations.



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