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Future Exhibitions

2015 Shows at Crossroads Art Center

January 2015

Indoor Art Walk and Artist Reception Date:
January 16th 6pm – 9pm

Admittance to the Art Center is FREE! Guests will have time to view all of the featured art while enjoying a drink from the cash bar and food from The Food Trucks. Come enjoy a night of art and fellowship!!. Proceeds from the Beverage Sales will benefit artspace

Featured artists will be Flynn Geissel, and artists participating in the Tuckahoe Artists Association Show, The Wednesday Night Painting Group (WNPG) as well as Susan Stuller's Student Show. Of course, we will also have local artists participating in the "All Media Show" and the Crossroads "Members Show". Show Dates: January 16th – March 9th

Gallery Two Extension:

Flynn Geissel
Exhibition Title: Afternoon and Evening

The current exhibit showcases a series of landscape paintings that explore the beauty and mystery of nature. The series of works examine nature from two points of view: afternoon light and twilight. It is inspired by the movement of water, the power of storm clouds, and what master painters define as the “envelope of light” that surrounds us. The works capture the transition from day to night, giving each piece a feeling of hidden forces, of something just out of reach. Light and shadow are mingled, letting us feel that each piece may reveal a dark and beautiful truth. The exhibit also documents the artist’s development from impressionistic techniques to abstract realism; paintings and drawings from these two major art movements will be on display.

Flynn Geissel is a Washington DC-based artist who creates award winning paintings that compel the viewer to confront nature’s alluring mystery. An artist of note, Flynn has been exhibited in two American museums – The Corcoran Gallery of Art and the San Diego Museum of the Living Artist. Studying under modern Masters of the New York Art Student’s League, Flynn paints in the style of Abstract Realism. In this approach, only essential details are executed, allowing the form to emerge fully through the viewer’s imagination. Using a reverse process, the drawing that would normally live underneath the paint is achieved on the surface of the work through strong lines and cuts in the paint. In this highly expressive approach, Flynn brings us the raw power of nature.

Sidecar Gallery:
Wednesday Night Painting Group (WNPG)

‘Kindred spirits sharing a passion for creating art’ accurately describes WNPG. Started over 8 years ago and currently composed of 13 artists from all walks of life, the Wednesday Night Painting Group (WNPG) came together as a support group to encourage and critique each other’s work. Because our individual styles are varied, each member helps bring a different perspective to the group. ‘Are we done yet?’ is one of the hardest questions an artist faces, and the group works as a whole to help each member make their best possible artwork. Each piece of art you see here although signed by one artist has been nurtured by all members of the group.


Caboose Gallery:
Susan Stuller, NWS, TWSA and Her Student’s Show

Susan M. Stuller Watermedia Artist
I have been an artist my entire life. There are few days that go by without finding me in my studio hard at work or teaching classes. I love to capture all aspects of light as it dances across familiar objects. Painting translucent glass with their myriad shapes and reflections is a favorite. I build up values with multiple glazes of rich color. The paint should be rich enough to swirl across the palette like cream. I use Dr. Martin Liquid Watercolors to enliven and enrich the color. I hope you will enjoy viewing this selection of my work. Susan has been a professional artist and instructor for over 30 years. Her emphasis is on rich color and strong design. She paint’s in a variety of media’s though her passion lies in watercolor.

Professional Organizations:
National Watercolor Society: Signature Member
Transparent Watercolor Society of America: Signature Member
Virginia Watercolor Society: Signature Member
Baltimore Watercolor Society: Signature Member
Southern Watercolor Society: Signature Member
Watercolor West: Signature Member
Missouri Watercolor Society: Signature Member
Texas Watercolor Society: Signature Member
Philadelphia Watercolor Society: Signature Member
San Diego Watercolor Society: Signature Member
Watercolor Society of Alabama: Signature Member
Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club of New York City: Signature Member

Gallery One: Tuckahoe Artists Association

Statement: The Tuckahoe Artists Association purpose is to encourage interest in the fine arts through affiliation with other artists, educational programs and opportunities to exhibit at a variety of venues in the metropolitan Richmond area.


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