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Future Exhibitions

2014 Shows at Crossroads Art Center

May 2014
Call For Entry Dates: Tuesday, May 6th - 10th
Artist Reception: Friday, May 16, 2014 6pm – 9pm

Admittance to the Art Center is FREE !
· Visitors will learn from the artists what inspires them to create their works of art as they stroll through the 25,000-square-foot facility.
· You will be able to listen to music by Quiet Step
· The Richmond Magic Club and the International Brotherhood of Magicians will provide magic.
· Food Trucks for your dining pleasure!
· Featured Artists: David Tanner and Flynn Geissel, as well as artists participating in the Central Region of the Virginia Art Education Association(CRVAEA), the Juried May “All Media Show” and May’s Member Show

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Mindy Conklin appeared on CBS VA This Morning along with Dr. Andy Vorenberg on March 27, 2014.

Fundraiser Opening Night for HCB2 – Dazzling Denim!
Yesterday’s Jeans, Today’s Art, Tomorrow’s Cure

Bring out the gang—this is one serious fundraiser with the accent on “fun!”

“Dazzling Denim!” is a FREE art event, fundraiser and celebration. On Friday evening, May 16, original art from over 250 artists will be surrounded by live music, food, beer and wine in Crossroads Art Center’s 25,000 square-foot arts facility. The benefit also features a silent auction of unique, surprising and whimsical pieces created from denim jeans.

Why denim jeans? They’re meant to symbolize both jeans and genes, to raise awareness that family genes can pass colon cancer from generation to generation. Knowing your family medical history is a major component of colorectal cancer awareness.

“Dazzling Denim!” is a fundraiser for Hitting Cancer Below the Belt (HBC2), a nonprofit dedicated to the prevention of colorectal cancer. Proceeds from the sale of the denim jean art will benefit local prevention education, screenings, and research. For more information about Hitting Cancer Below the Belt or to make a donation, please visit

Silent Auction Opening Night to Raise Funds for HCB2
Flynn Geissel will be hosting a silent auction with her Exhibition Title: Flowers and Waterfalls. A percentage of the auction sales will go to HCB2. Come by Opening Night to bid on the pieces. A full list of the art to be auctioned will be listed the week of the auction – so stay tuned. Below is a sample of Flynn’s work which may be in the auction.

Featured Artists:
David Tanner

Joe With the Morning Paper 16x24, oil on canvas                                Page Turner 18x14, oil on canvas

Recent Work by David Tanner focuses on figures in interiors, many of which were done in direct collaboration with performers from the Richmond theatre community. Additional oils of landscapes, portraits, & still-life round out this twenty-picture exhibition of paintings completed since May of 2013.

Flynn Geissel

Exhibition Title: Flowers and Waterfalls
Purple Flower                                                                                 Sunflower

Snow 2                                                                                 A Light On The Horizon

The current exhibit showcases a series of paintings and two-dimensional constructions that compel the viewer to confront nature on her own terms. A walk around the exhibit is a visual cascade, enveloping the viewer in enormous flowers and frozen waterfalls of color.

The series of works is inspired by the movement of water, the power of storm clouds, and the delicate form of flowers. In fact, the sheer size of the works allows the viewer to experience organic textures in new and surprising ways. Layers of thick paint are combined with light washes of color, almost using oil paint as a transparent watercolor medium. In each piece there is a feeling of hidden forces, of something just out of reach - this makes us lean into the works. Light and shadow are mingled, letting us feel that each piece may reveal a dark and beautiful truth. This portfolio makes the viewer directly confront their internal relationship with the power of nature.

In many canvases, the artist uses extensive glaze work, layering color over color to build a perceived three dimensional color space. The viewer engages in an insight-based discovery process as his/her awareness moves among the many visual layers. The body of work deals with perception and how we relate as an object to the ever-moving demands of our environment. Which aspects of the painting are solid and which are fluid? What aspects of self are solid and which are fluid - moving in response to an ever-changing environment?

Flynn states, “The exhibit is an homage to the feeling of reunion and cleansing we receive from nature. It affirms the power of nature to change us, to make us better.”

Internationally exhibited artist Flynn Geissel began her art career in the unlikely profession of psychology. Serving two masters, the artist studied painting and psychology, completing a doctoral degree in psychology. Discovering a wealth of artistic material in the study of dreams, the unconscious, and the healing stories of many cultures, the artist moved further into art as a life calling. Flynn’s work has been exhibited in two American museums, in London UK, and regularly on the New York art scene.

Curator of Flow Art Space Melissa Metzler described Flynn’s work as “stunning”.

Central Region of the Virginia Art Education Association (CRVAEA)

Jill Ward Translation Colored Pencil 2 5x25                         Gene Mason Toutsi Streets of Richmond Collage 13”x17”

"Our Mission is to promote, support and advance visual arts education through professional development, leadership, research and service."

July 2014
Call For Entry Dates: Tuesday, July 8th – 12th
Artist Reception: Friday, July 18, 2014
Featured Artists:
All Media Show
Annual Members Show
Juried Show Reigning Cats and Dogs

Nonprofit Sponsor:

September 2014
Call For Entry Dates: Tuesday, September 9th – 14th
Artist Reception: Friday, September 19, 2014
Featured Artists:
Bon Air Artist Association -
Virginia Collage Society -
Central Virginia Botanical Artists –
North Light Gallery
All Media Show
Members Show

Nonprofit Sponsor: TBA

November 2014
Call For Entry Dates: Tuesday, November 11th – 16th
Artist Reception: Friday, November 21, 2014
Featured Artists:
Metropolitan Richmond Artists Association (MRAA) -
Adele Castillo Student Show -
Jim Smither –
Garry Lou-Upton
All Media Show
Members Show

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