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Ghostprint Gallery is cooperatively owned and operated and curated by Dorothea and Geraldine Duskin.


Ghostprint refers to the monotype process in which a single original print is made from a painted plate. Remaining pigment will produce only a faint impression of the first, called the ghost. In this spirit of subtle reflection, Ghostprint Gallery is dedicated to an inclusive redefinition of fine art. Representing a full range, from the undiscovered cutting-edge to internationally recognized artists, and from non-traditional media to oil painting, this mercurial approach seeks to bring seemingly disparate elements together in an enlightened perspective on art itself.



Dorothea Duskin is an internationally showing mixed-media artist who shows in Richmond, Virginia. Geraldine Duskin has been a 20th-century decorative and fine arts dealer for the past three decades and has had a successful career in costume design in New York state theater and selected films. Geralding recently formed Geraldine Duskin Design.




Recently Ghostprint Gallery changed its business model into an online site. The art we once exhibited in the gallery space is now available to you 24/7 on the website and through Gallerique. Gallerique is a website and gallery located in Chicago that enable Ghostprint Gallery to extend its reach to the midwest. Ghostprint Gallery participates in the annual Miami art fair and other major art events.






Thea Duskin creates work which is both a purely aesthetic and an applied art. Her collages and paintings stand alone, but they also serve as tattoo designs. She generally paints botanical illustrations in watercolor, creating soft images that are enhanced with graphic collage elements. Art nouveau and Asian art influence her aesthetic. After tattooing for 20 years, she has learned to create textural effects on the body, similar to faux finishing. Creating a mixed-media look in tattoo work is the most interesting and challenging aspect for her.


Peter Fowler grew up in Denver Colorado and is a graduate of Colorado College. Peter’s career blossomed after he moved to Seville, Spain, in 1989, where he lived for 10 years. Fowler is a prolific painter whose bravura brushwork and luscious use of paint convey a sense of joyful energy, whether his subject is impressionistic landscapes or romantic figures of women.


Jeanie Keys describes herself as “an intrepid seeker of the inner world,” and her imagery springs from this exploration of the subconscious. It’s the process, often revealed through dreams, which uncovers those emotional experiences hidden from everyday perception. The subjects Keys chooses to portray show their inner nature more than referencing the outer world and are expressed through her subjective mood. Each work is named Untitled to leave the viewer free to interpret it independent of the artist.

Keys is of Hungarian descent and has had a longstanding career as a commercial artists as well as a fine artist. Her watercolors were carried nationally in Nordstrom’s gift shops for 15 years, and her work is in a number of important private collections, including that of Oprah Winfrey.

Juan Perdiguero brings together concepts of photography, drawing, painting, and printmaking in his work, producing a sophisticated and contemporary interpretation of the Spanish Baroque tradition, one of his major influences. He states, “I manipulate the technical borders between media as a way to attract, seduce and confront the viewer. As a result of this, my images are classical in appearance, but strongly contemporary in the way they are conceptualized and rendered.”


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