Inge Strack


Inge Strack's paintings consist of bold colors and a deep sense of emotion. She often paints with a limited palette, focusing on brushstrokes, texture and form to find a balance. Inge is drawn to the drama and pain connecting us all in our humanity and strives to create beauty out of the most difficult circumstances.


Inge is not attempting to abstract the physical world; she is trying to get to the person behind the mask.  Edvard Munch said: "Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye. It also includes the inner pictures of the soul.” She draws her subject matter from inside of herself hoping to create a constant conversation between the viewer and the painting, especially since abstracts do not seem to answer, but to ask.


Inge's work combines her European past and her American present. Her paintings are upbeat and symbolize the strength and positive attitude that are part of the American spirit and therefore part of her new-found life in the United States. Inge's passion for bold colors comes from a group of artists called "The Blue Rider" of the 1920s, especially Franz Marc; other influences are American artists Mark Rothko and Wolf Kahn. Her paintings are included in private collections in the United States and Europe.








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