Michael Dukes


Michael Dukes has been drawing all of his life. He found his love of the stippling technique when he was a child. Stippling is a pen-and-ink art method that produces unique illustrative patterns using black dots. These dots are used for different variations of shading and tones that create value and contrast. The closer together the dots, the darker the tone. Larger dots build a denser tonal value quickly, but can look coarse. Stippling is a slow process that does not allow for mistakes and can result in beautiful, photorealistic images. These pictures can take from three to twelve weeks depending upon the detail and the size of the subject.


Mike’s artwork is drawn all in dots with a Rapidograph® technical pen. He uses various pen tips to achieve this effect. All of his works are first created in black ink, then he may do a second process to add blended ink colors. He is passionate about his creative process and loves the challenge of taking a subject and bringing it to life. Mike is fascinated with the variations, patterns, and tones in nature, and he tries to capture these details in his work.


"My wife is my biggest supporter and helps with all aspects of the business. My wish is that my artwork will enrich your life in a pleasurable and meaningful way.”







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