Morgan E. McKinney


Morgan E. McKinney was born in the coal-mining town of Maplewood, West Virginia, and grew up in central Virginia. A passion for art grew from an early interest in drawing anything and everything in his mostly rural surroundings. This enthusiasm and endless creativity occupied most of his time during adolescence.


While studying at Virginia Commonwealth University, Morgan’s vocation in graphic arts began in advertising production with a Richmond-based company. Other positions included mechanical artist, graphic artist, art director, graphic and structural designer, and manager of corporate graphic arts for an international paper manufacturer. During much of this time, Morgan supplemented his income as a musician. With the demands of a full-time career that included travel and many midnight press checks, he found there was little time for this true ambition. In 2003, he made the life-altering decision to to devote all of his time to painting.


Working in both oil and water media, Morgan’s contemporary realism paintings are heavily influenced by his love of boats, sailing, and architecture. His fascination of light and shadow and his desire to retain the purity of color is evident; in much of Morgan’s work, this purity is achieved by the fragmentation of both light and color. Dedication to craftsmanship and technical accuracy and the use of premium archival materials are integral to Morgan’s work.


Morgan offers original paintings and custom canvas or paper limited-edition archival art prints of originals.





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