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   Crossroads Art Center Painting Classes   

The Center offers a multitude of art classes and seminars for all ages and learning levels. Both short and long term classes in varied forms of art and crafts will be offered throughout the year. You can obtain more information by contacting Jenni Kirby at 804-278-8950 or email: You may also use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Crossroads Art Center presents 2 one-day workshops by International Artist, Teacher, and Author Michael Wilcox

Colour & the Artist with Michael Wilcox

Date: Saturday August 23, 2014 Time: 10 am – 4pm
Fee: $115 ($185.00 if booking both events)
Attendees receive $40 worth of product

Michael Wilcox, leading Colour Specialist, Author of the book ‘Blue & Yellow Don’t Make Green’, inventor of the Split Primary System, Colour Bias Wheel and Head of the School of Colour is visiting from England to present a seminar on colour mixing and use. The aim of the event will be to impart a full understanding of all aspects of colour mixing. The basics of colour harmony & contrast will also be covered, as will the selection of suitable materials and their use. Visual and mixing complementaries will be examined and their use by the Impressionist fully explored. Topics will include the mixing of greens, the colours of shadows, mixing grays, employing the colours of nature, paints, pigments, additives and making full use of the complementaries in all forms of work.

For artists, craft-workers, designers, interior decorators and all who use colour in their work or leisure. To register for the seminars go to
For questions contact Crossroads at 804-278-8950.

Technique of Glazing with Michael Wilcox

Date Sunday August 24,2014 Time 10 am – 4pm
Fee: $115 ($185.00 if booking both events)
Attendees receive $40 worth of product

The methods of the Old Masters made available for today’s artist.

One day Seminar with leading Colour Specialist Michael Wilcox. Author of the book ‘Blue & Yellow Don’t Make Green’, inventor of the Split Primary System, Colour Bias Wheel and Head of the School of Colour who is visiting from England to present a seminar on the technique of glazing.

Early Masters such as Vermeer and Rembrandt applied multiple layers of transparent paint to produce the deep, glowing hues and darks which typified their work; darks which seethed with hidden colour. The range of rich colours employed by these earlier painters gave a mysterious depth and intensity to their work, a richness and luminosity that only the glazing technique can give. The aim of the seminar will be to equip today’s artist with the technique of glazing developed by the Masters. Lessons from the past brought fully up to date. Topics will include; preparation, the isolation layer, the under-painting, transparency of pigments, glazing layers, colour mixing through glazing, varnishes, suitable paints and pigments, oils, additives, the use of acrylics in glazing, egg tempera, studies of the work of the Renaissance Masters and today’s artists working in glazes. To register for the seminars go to
For questions contact Crossroads at 804-278-8950.

The Speaker

Michael Wilcox has experienced a wide and varied background, which has included periods as a professional artist, a conservator of art works and an engineer. His research into pigments and light physics led to the book ‘Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green’. This publication changed the way that countless artists, designers and craft workers now mix and use colour.

The ‘Wilcox Guide to the Finest Watercolour Paints’ then followed. This book led to many changes in the pigments used in artists’ paints. Other books were published including a series of ‘Colour Notes’, each designed to examine a particular aspect of colour mixing and use. ‘Colour Harmony and Contrast for the Artist’ offered a sound basis and further insight for the thinking artist. The most recent publication is ‘Glazing - with an emphasis on the craft of painting’. The intention of this book is two fold. One, to enhance our appreciation of the work of earlier artists and two, to demonstrate that these techniques, one learnt and practiced, can dramatically enhance the work of today’s artist.

Specialist mixing palettes, artist’s paints, workbooks and courses have been developed and the School of Colour now operates on an international basis. The School will continue to develop based on the firm belief that art and science must once again come together. The first time that they assisted each other led to the Renaissance, the second to the Impressionists. What will the third merger bring to artists, designers, craft workers, decorators and all users of colour?

Christopher Wynn Fall 2014 Class at Crossroads Art Center

Title for Class: Watercolor for All Levels (Beginners Welcome in Fall)
Class Cap: Max of 15 students
Class Dates: From September 15th to November 3rd, Class times are Monday evenings, 6:00 pm. till 8:30 p.m. Please show up on time as Crossroads Art Center closes at 6:00 p.m. and the doors are locked afterwords.
Class Costs: 8-week class session. $235.00
Sign by contacting Chris directly at: or call: 804.747.3446

Class Description:
Christopher Wynn will demonstrate many of the techniques he uses to paint his watercolors of contemporary realism. He typically “mixes and rolls” the paint directly on the paper to achieve soft, organic gradients of color, transitions virtually impossible in any other medium. There is always an element of “hit-or-miss” with these techniques, which often bring surprising results.

He will also demonstrate how he mixes a tricolor black for greater depth in watercolor, effective mixing and using various warm and cool grays, charging techniques to bounce and enhance light in your work, and why he likes to use resist, or masking fluid, when painting. Lastly he will discuss materials he prefers, and why, and plans to offer a great deal of individual attention.

Materials List:
1. Masking Fluid. I use Winsor Newton, in 75ml size. It is available at art stores
2. Some very cheap brushes in various sizes to apply mask with. You can purchase these at most art outlets also for a couple of bucks.
3. A pick-up. This is a squarish, rubber based product to erase and “pick-up” masking fluid
4. A straight edge triangle, such as a draftsman’s triangle, for squaring up lines.
5. 1.5" Masking tape, the brown kind available at any hardware store.
6. Bring to the first class a tube of Thalo Green, Thalo Blue, and a tube of any red, such as permanent alizarin crimson or a quinacridone rose. These are the basics for mixing blacks. Many of you are comfortable with your own color palette. No worries, there. But I would request that you have on hand the following colors along with the aforementioned: Naples Yellow, Hansa Light, New Gamboge, Quinacridone Rose (or) Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red, (French) Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, and the earth tones of Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, and Burnt Umber. I use mostly Daniel Smith watercolor paints.
7. One cheap, but sturdy (nylon, for instance) oil painting brush, about a #8-#10 round. We’ll use that to activate paint.
8. Tracing paper for transferring drawings.
9. Turkey baster. I use one every time I paint to precisely measure out water. Any eyedropper would work just as well, but it is slower.

All the rest is obvious: paper, tapes, paints, pencils, spray bottles, painting boards, water buckets, kneaded erasers, paper towels, brushes, etc. etc. go without saying. I myself paint on 300# Arches cold press paper.

Summer Classes and Private Sessions with CHRISTAPHORA ROBEERS

Monday Morning Classes June, July, and August
Location: Crossroads Art Center
Dates: Ongoing Mondays
Time: 10am - 12:30 pm

Fee:$120.00 per month (Four sessions in one month)
Single classes for $60.00

Participants will work in their own medium. Participants may work on their own images or use exercises created by the instructor. Technique, critiques and demos are part of each class. This is also an opportunity to work with mixed media.

PRIVATE CLASSES……………………………….. $80.00 per 2 1/2 hours
Date and Time by appointment only
Work one on one for 2 ½ hours using any media you choose. You may bring one or multiple pieces of art. The focus will be on technical and aesthetic skills. Participants will be creating artwork.

Date and Time by appointment only
This is a private evaluation for several works of art. Participants will take notes on the analysis of their work and explore options to strengthen their work.

For information or to make an appointment call Chris at 804-730-4066

(All Media)
Advanced Studio Painting Classes with Christaphora Robeers

Dates: Monday Sept. 8 – Dec. 29 Time: 10am – 12:30pm
Thursdays Sept. 4 – Dec 18 Time: 1:30pm – 4pm

Fee paid monthly in advance. Number of class days in a month varies.
Four classes in a month...$130
Three classes in a month...$97.50
Two classes in a month...$75.00

This is a multi medium studio class for intermediate and advanced participants.
Each class will begin with a specific focus. A demo and a short group discussion will start each studio session. Participants can work on the exercises or work on their own paintings. Individual instruction is a major component of each session.

For information or to register contact Garry-Lou Upton at 804-379-9330 or 804-347-4238

Acrylic and Color with Adele Castillo

Ongoing Sessions:
Monday nights, Time: 6 -9 p.m.
Wednesday nights, Time: 6 - 9p.m
Thursday, afternoons, Time: 1 - 4p.m.
Location: Crossroads Art Center - Building 3, Studio 3
Fee: All classes are paid monthly in advance @ $25 per class
Adele teaches acrylic painting along with color theory to adult students of all abilities. Students are encouraged to find their own style and paint subject matter that interests them as they develop their skills. Explore color, learn how to deal with acrylic paint and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded souls. Classes are small, which allows time for individual attention.
For information or to register please contact Adele at 550-7201 or for information and supply list.

Painting Classes with Susan Stuller

Location - Crossroads Art Center, Building 3, Classroom 2
3 Classes to choose from:
Tuesday 1:00pm -3:30pm
Wednesday 10:00am - 12:30pm
Wednesday 1:00pm - 3:30pm

Class fee is $25.00 per class with a commitment for one month at a time. Payment is due the first of the month for the entire month. This will reserve your place in class. Class size is limited to 10 students.

Classes are ongoing with individual attention stressed. Instruction is in acrylic, pastel, watercolor and oil - you choose your medium.

Fees for missed classes will not be refunded or credited for a future class but each student will receive 4 unexcused absences for the year. A one week notice is required if you wish to discontinue.

Questions and Registration: Contact Susan at, 804-379-1477 or

Portrait, Landscape, and Still Life Class with Merrily Johnstone

Wednesdays, 1:00 p.m. -- 3:30 p.m.
Ongoing: 4 week Session $100
Class fee is $25.00 per class with a commitment for one month at a time.
Approaches to portrait, landscape and still life with instruction geared to student's current level.
Questions and Registration: Contact Merrily at 804-310-7043.
View work at

Painting Beautiful Fruits with Denise Walser-Kolar

Dates: Sept 19 - 22, 2014
Times: Fri. – Sun. 10am – 4pm, Mon. 10am – 12 noon

Fee: $425.00
Learn Denise’s techniques for painting beautiful fruit in watercolor. In this 3 1/2 day workshop, students will draw and paint their favorite fruit. Denise will talk about and demonstrate how to achieve realistic color and texture, how to create shiny highlights, and deep interesting shadow colors. Students will have an opportunity to experiment with masking fluid and try new paint colors. This class is designed for all levels and abilities. It will combine demonstrations, discussion of materials and techniques, hands- on time for developing skills, and lots of individual attention. Handouts with step-by- step instructions will be provided.
For information and to register contact Crossroads Art Center at 804-278-8950

Supply List

Bring whatever paint, painting supplies, and brushes you usually use.
My favorite brush is a Raphael 8408 Kolinsky Sable, #4 - I use it for everything and highly recommend it (make sure it’s the one with the cream colored handle tip - not the orange colored tip).
I only use paint that is rated transparent (i.e. not semi-transparent or opaque). If you would like a list of paint colors that I use, please email me. Or just bring along your paints that are transparent. We’ll talk a lot about paint in the class. I will also bring paint along so that you can try out some new colors.
White porcelain plate to lay out your paint
Paper - Strathmore 500 series Bristol Sheet, Vellum finish, 4-ply (available from
Something to mount your paper on - foam board, thin masonite, etc.
Magnifying glass
Pad of cheap tracing paper
Pencils - 2B, HB, 4H
Pencil sharpener
1 sheet of copier paper
Drafting tape

All Media Class with Brenda Bickerstaff-Stanley

Dates: Wednesdays Sept. 3 - Oct. 1, 2014
Time: 1:00-3:30pm
Fee: $150.00
Brenda will cover the principles and elements of design with demonstrations and student exercises. You will also have ample time to work on your own projects with assistance. (Watercolors, Oils and Acrylics)
For information or to register call or e-mail Brenda at 804-677-8566 or

Painting Classes with Curney Nuffer
Fall 2014 Sessions

Mondays Sept. 22 – Dec. 1        Time: 1pm - 4:30 pm
Tuesdays Sept. 23 – Dec. 2        Time: 9am - 12:00 pm
Tuesdays Sept. 23 – Dec. 2        Time: 2pm - 5:30 pm.

Fee: 10 classes for $300.00.
Any missed classes can be made up at any time during the semester in the other class times. There will be no classes Thanksgiving week.
Beginners, intermediate and advanced levels are welcome.
Although classes are primarily focused on oil painting, Curney also welcomes artists who work in acrylic and watercolor. The use of oil paint- from brushes and canvases to palette and technique - is the emphasis in these classes. Curney will demonstrate how the use of a limited palette emphasizes the importance of color, value, intensity and placement of the paint. Composition and the use of photos versus using still life setups and plein air landscapes will be discussed. Demos and exercises are mixed in with painting time, or artists have the option to “just paint” on their own with help from Curney throughout the class. A “New Student Info File” will be emailed to all new students.
For questions or to register please contact Susan Dull at or 804 - 914 - 9791.








Exploration in Oil/Cold Wax/Mixed Media
Level I with Lisa Boardwine

Date: Friday, October 24, 2014-Saturday, October 25, 2014
Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm with a one hour lunch break.

Cost: $250.00 –includes wax and some other supplies
Skill Level: Beginner- Intermediate Skill with Oils recommended, but all levels welcomed. Join us for a 2-Day workshop to explore the basics of this new and innovative way to use oil paint. Learn about various materials, surface effects and techniques used to achieve unique finishes. Experiment with non traditional tools to apply paint and texture. The look of oil & cold wax is similar to an encaustic look but without any of the fumes or heat! This workshop will open new avenues to oil painters, especially with abstract ideas! Get ready to experiment and have some fun!!

Materials needed: Oil paints-assortment of colors, 9-12 Artists panels (I recommend the Ampersand gessoboard brand in various sizes for this workshop- (they can be cradled or flat), 12 x 16 or smaller sizes are recommended although you may bring larger sizes, I personally like the 12x12’s,You will be working on several panels at the same time, various sizes of painting knives- especially needed is a trowel style 7- inch painting knife(a cake spatula works well too), scrapers with silicone blades--the dough scrapers you find in kitchen shops ( I will have these for sale), squeegees, Dorlands or Gamblin cold wax,(I will supply the wax for this workshop), Gamsol, container for gamsol, 4 inch soft brayer, rags/paper towels & wet wipes, anything interesting to make texture in paint(stencils, stamps, string, grid, mesh etc), artist apron/shirt, gloves, 2inch blue painter’s tape, Freezer paper for palette. I will have the suggested scrapers, painting knives, & some sizes of gesso boards for sale in class, plus some materials are provided.

For information or to register contact Lisa at 276-935-6163 or Pre-registration is required. Registration deadline is Monday- October 6, 2014.


Date: Saturday Nov. 22, 2014 Time: 9am – 5pm
Fee: $100.00 Some materials included Maximum 15 students
Creative painting with water media is a workshop that explores a variety of water based paints and drawing materials. Participants can experiment with combinations of media to create loose and interesting paintings. The support surface for these paintings may be paper, woods, canvas or fabric. Participants may bring images of figures, animals, birds or florals. The images will be broken down to line, shape, color and value, and then reassembled to create degrees of abstraction. Working on larger scale works of art is encouraged.
For information or to register contact Garry-Lou Upton at 804-379-9330 or 804-347-4238


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Crossroads Art Center Classes

The Center offers a multitude of art classes and seminars for all ages and learning levels. Both short and long term classes in varied forms of art and crafts will be offered throughout the year. You can obtain more information by contacting Jenni Kirby at 804-278-8950 or email: You may also use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Class guidelines and cancellations policies

Registration Guidelines

  • Classes without sufficient enrollment five to seven days prior to the first class will be canceled.
  • Late registrations are welcome with space available and instructor's permission.
  • Full payment must accompany registration.
  • Class fees will not be pro-rated for any reason.
  • Payment may be made by cash, check, or charge card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).
  • Unless otherwise noted, classes are open to ages 16 and above.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • The Crossroads Art Center reserves the right to cancel any class with insufficient enrollment. Fees are 100 percent refundable if the class is canceled by the Crossroads Art Center.
  • Fifty percent of class fees are refunded if withdrawal notice is received seven days or more prior to the first class.
  • No refunds will be made if withdrawal notice is received less than seven days prior to the first class meeting.
  • The Crossroads Art Center does not issue credit vouchers for class withdrawals.

The Crossroads Art Center may on occasion need to substitute an instructor for a course. This is done with the recommendation of the scheduled instructor and does not diminish the quality of instruction

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