Robin Caspari


Robin Caspari is driven to paint no matter what life circumstances surround her. She is true to this inner voice. Her goals and aspirations have remained the same over time: strive to create beautiful paintings in an unrestrained and expressive style.


“I begin a piece by looking at or thinking about my subject, and recognizing what inspires me about it. I try to keep that in mind throughout the process, while letting my instinct rule how the painting is expressed. There are times when I am extremely traditional in the application of paint, and other times I may throw or sling my paint from across the studio." Robins splits her time between painting en plein air and painting self-expressionistic abstract work in the studio. She sees her paintbrush as an extension of her soul, and her medium of choice is oil paint. When painting outdoors, she retains a simple palette; her abstract work call for a blending of mediums, such as metallic or luminescent paint, oils sticks, or charcoal.


“A painting speaks a language that is absent of words, yet all people understand in an instant. As a painter, I strive to give people the gift of expression and beauty to have in their homes. I love to enrich people’s lives with my work. Overall, the process of making a great painting is very symbolic of life itself, packed full of thought and emotion, yet stunningly simple.”




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