Terry Vavra Lacy


Terry Lacy is a long-time central Virginia resident currently living in Chester. Terry was a professional jeweler and the sole proprietor of Ladysmith, a handcrafted jewelry business which she started in 1978. Terry began painting in 1990. She is a representational painter, with bold color and contrast present in her work. Terry prefers to work with oil paints, as did her mother and grandmother.


“Painting is an important form of self-expression for me. I am attracted to a sense of spirit or energy that I try to portray it in my paintings. I feel that spirit in the American west, and my work has a strong western influence. I am a gardener, and I feel that energy in my own gardens. I love to watch the growth and life force of healthy plants; I aspire to paint the magic and mystery of a place or landscape. I try to evoke a narrative. I have painted my dogs, certainly spirited creatures, many times. Recently I have been enjoying painting the grace, beauty, and antics of birds. I carry a camera with me to capture images of the beauty I encounter, and I use those photos for reference for my paintings, enhancing them with the memory of how I felt the moment the photo was taken.”







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