Artist Interview: Dorothy Fagan

Posted by Carson Smith - May 05 2020

Meet resident artist, Dorothy Fagan!


Dorothy Fagan believes that painting is about bringing joy into the world. “The mission of my artistry is helping people find the joy whether it is finding colors that make them happy or creating a painting that reflects their energy,” she says. She is learning to invite more joy into her own life through studio chats on Facebook Live and by creating art for her soon-to-be renovated kitchen.


Penetrating Grace, Oil, 40x30, $4500


Part of the joy that Fagan wants to share with the world through her paintings, wearable art, wallpaper and other mediums is the way that art makes people feel. “Art is the bridge,” she says. “It is a wonderful healing thing that helps us come together even when we cannot say what we want to say- the art says it for us.”