Artist Interview: James Bassfield

Posted by Carson Smith - January 03 2020

Lots of wonderful things in store for Crossroads Art Center! 

Retired co-founder of Crossroads Art Center, James Bassfield will have an exhibition titled, Feel the Rhythm opening on Friday, January 17th. The show will feature a mix of previously viewed and never-seen-before paintings from his jazz collection.

Bassfield, who spends his time painting in his studios in Richmond and Kill Devil Hills once used 86 gallons of paint to spruce up CAC when it first opened, painting the interior of building one along with then business partner, Jenni Kirby. He still enjoys displaying his pieces in the space and is proud of his part in creating what he calls, “a place for the community to gather, have fun and make and buy art.


 James Bassfield, All Together, Acrylic, 22x28, $495


James Bassfield, Jam Session, Acrylic, 30x40, $1295


About, "Feel the Rhythm"...

James Bassfield, co-founder of Crossroads Art Center, is happy to present his 2020 art show: Feel the Rhythm”

As it is with jazz, James’ paintings are partly planned and partly spontaneous; that is, as the musicians perform a pre-determined tune, they have the opportunity to create their own interpretations within that tune and whatever else may occur "in the moment" -- this is called improvisation, and is the defining element of jazz. It is the same with James’ paintings.

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