Artist Interview: Sunny Stack Goode

Posted by Carson Smith - May 19 2020

Sunny Goode fell in love with the work of Wolf Khan at the age of eight when her stepfather gave her a copy of Khan’s first book. “He is inspiring to me but I don’t try to copy his work,” she says. “His art is a more masculine version and my is a more feminine version. His colors are so strong and bold but mine are more layered.” 

A student of jewelry design in the Art Department at Hollins College, Goode took art foundation courses that included color theory. She has translated her love of color and a desire to spread the positive message of love and created the LOVEVOLVE movement which includes paintings, prints, a must-have line of scarves with more merchandise to come. “I just think it would be awesome to have newborns wrapped in LOVE baby blankets,” says Goode. 

 Late last year, Goode took her scarf line to the boutiques show at the Javit’s center in New York where quite a few sold. “The scarves are tremendously successful,” she says. Which is exciting for her because a percentage of the LOVEVOLVE scarf sales go to the One Love Foundation an organization established  in memory or the late UVA student Yeardley Love to empower young people to identify and avoid abusive relationships and learn how to love better

“I started this because having a positive attitude helped me overcome some great adversity in my own life,” she explains. “I think when people are surrounded by love, they change for the better.”