CAC Embraces and Celebrates Diversity, Civility, and Equity.

Posted by Jenni Kirby - June 05 2020

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us at Crossroads Art Center (CAC) concerning comments made on Facebook by an artist-in-residence.
I, Jennifer Kirby — as the owner of and speaking for CAC — do not condone or support racism in any form. CAC is a business that embraces and celebrates diversity, civility, and equity.


In response to this situation, I have asked the artist in question to terminate their contract with the art center. The work of this artist has been removed from the walls of the art center and from our website.


CAC exhibits the work of more than 225 independent artists and arts organizations. Any statements, comments, or opinions of those artists and organizations are entirely their own and in no way reflect the art center’s policies or positions. Our agreement with the content of any such remarks should not be implied.


Our website — — is the only official source of information about CAC, who we are as a business, and how we operate. Any questions should be directed to CAC at