Jack Woodson Title: Monument Valley

Posted by Jenni Kirby - November 23 2020

Jack Woodson

Monument Valley

Oil on Board

48” x 144.5”


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Painted by Jack Woodson in 1955 as a gift to James and Violet Swann on the building of their business location at 2111 Lake Avenue.

James Swann came up with the barn wood for the frame and Jack Woodson created the frame and stained it to coordinate with the painting.

The painting is a view of Monument Valley in Utah and is titled “Monument Valley”.   The painting is 48 inches high by 144.5 inches long including the frame.

Mr. Woodson had prints of his paintings produced at Art Guild and some of Mr. Woodson’s other customers also had their work produced there too. Mr. Swann died years ago and Mrs. Swann continued to run the business a while. She eventually sold the business to Clyde before passing on herself. Clyde sold the building on Lake Avenue at the end of 2019 and the painting was removed.

The painting has a verbal appraisal from Turner C. Johnson, JR. The verbal appraisal is $50,000.