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Aaron Bowles is an American contemporary painter. His abstract landscapes glow with light and are handled with an expressive touch, while his figurative work has a modernist flavor, and features dreams and mythology. He works in a painterly style that employs compositionally intensive abstraction with a colorist’s aesthetic. The work is composed in layers, of sometimes unexpected color, with a direct, expressionist stroke, based on emotionally charged scenes that contain light, drama and spirit.


The one constant in my work is that it changes…I have learned to accept this as the right way for me to be an artist, to explore and welcome the impulses to experiment.


In the Fragile Earth series, Aaron urges viewers to consider the scope of existence, between today and tomorrow, this world and new ones, earth and sea. Inventing these imaginary scenes using myriad techniques such as rag stamping, printmakers’ brayers, or foam mono-printing, he paints expressionist, but thoroughly planned, rhythmic patterns and colorful vistas on hand-crafted 1.5 inch deep wood panels and canvases. The paintings are controlled but bold, using light and shadow to move the eye, add mystery, and reveal the element of chance. Highly textured with rich impasto, scraping, whiplash striations, and plenty of layering, this process creates both freedom and the challenge of continually inventing new color combinations and vistas within this structure.


His goal with figurative painting is to create artwork that is moving, that evokes mystery and wonder. He wants the people who live with his work to regard a painting as a touchstone of their soul. We live in a world filled with visual drama in the form of seismic changes, within a broad historical and psychological heritage. He would like the viewers of this art to sense this drama of relationships, to experience a dream… for the paintings to ask a question, stir the emotions, or calm the senses. The work is a pursuit of balance between the tangible world that surrounds us and the spiritualism that dwells within each of us. These feelings find expression to remind us of our individual connection to our collective consciousness.

Born in Charlottesville, Aaron is a lifelong Virginian, and went to college to study art. Aaron studied painting at East Carolina University, and holds an interdisciplinary bachelors degree from Virginia Commonwealth University where he studied communication arts, painting, and English. He continued his art education at the graduate level by studying painting at George Mason University.  Aaron’s illustrations have been presented in the pages of Time, Newsweek, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and many others. A former assistant professor of design, he taught art at George Mason University and Northern Virginia Community College. After many years as a digital creative director and freelance illustrator,  Aaron began to pursue his dream of becoming a painter. Aaron is an enthusiastic teacher and actively participates in activities that allow him to demonstrate art and share his broad knowledge of painting and drawing. He exhibits nationally and is in numerous institutional and private collections. Aaron lives in Richmond with his wife Edie, whom he met at the age of 16.


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