Sven Arenander Title: Nailed It

Sven Arenander Title: Nailed It


Sven Arenander

Nailed It

36" x 11" x 5"



"The piece was inspired by Mother Nature; most of the features of the piece were created by her. I just combined them in a way to show it off. The vase has a rough texture on it that I transferred from a bark piece found in an RVA park. I placed the vase on a backdrop of Lignum Vitae wood. Lignum vitae (the wood of life) has this gorgeous striped texture, stringent in a way, yet another great example of Mother Nature's artwork.

The railroad nails are man made and hard,as opposed to the Nature inspired components that they are holding in place, or restricting if you wish. I choose the flowers mostly because I think their purple color looks really good with the greenish vase and the wood. Thank you for looking, and I hope the piece speaks to you in some way!"

Collection: Abstract

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