Bart Schultz

Bart Schultz is a self-taught artist residing in Midlothian, Virginia.  A veteran collector and dealer in 20th century modern design and decorative arts, Schultz's work in concrete draws its influence from modernist design and architecture and features organic materials, clean lines and minimalist forms. His work includes abstract sculptures, catch-all bowls, weed vases, useless objects and large-scale residential installations of his suspended concrete tiles.  



"The things I make are simply 3 dimensional sketches of what's going on in my brain. My materials and process are simple and my work is raw and unrefined. I'm somewhat obsessed with multiples and order. I cast these imperfect pieces, arrange them into forms that please my eye and then I'm done. I allow the process to happen and accept the result. The flaws, inconsistencies and varying textures reveal the honesty of the process in the finished piece." 



Bart Schultz currently has no products for sale online.

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