Brenda Spencer

The journey is into nostalgia.  The vehicle is the camera.  Brenda Spencer takes the viewer back to a gentler time and place where the spin of a 33rpm album or the base tones of a grand radio calmed the spirit and quietened the soul.   The small town and hometown iconic or symbolic artifacts, structures, and any other visual representations of “memories” stir her.  Brenda Spencer attempts to seal these precious memories into bold vibrant photography.

Photographer Brenda Spencer began taking photographs as a winter pastime while home with her parents who were 93 and 94.  She explains, “There was just so much to photograph right there in my childhood home.  So much that I actually had begun to ‘archive’ the early life and times of my ancestors through photographs of their precious possessions."

With the arrival of spring, Spencer took her growing and surprising innate photographic skills outside and immediately fell in love with the patterns, colors, and textures of nature.  From her desire to see and examine these minute details with a surgeon’s eye, as she was once told, her motto emerged:  EVERY MORSEL OF LIFE DESERVES ITS MOMENT IN THE SUN.  

Though most of the time she is a proud macro still life photographer, she freely admits she admires the paint artists of the world.  She dabbles, but with the camera, sometimes producing stunning pictorialism or abstract photography in large formats.  Large is her preference, and as such with this collection, she has presented an opportunity for the viewer to experience her work as she best creates it.  Add the warmth of canvas, or the deep brilliance of acrylic glass printed directly onto the glass, or the richness of metal, and the experience of art comes to life.

Ultimately in this particular collection, Brenda Spencer’s goal is to take the viewer on a journey with her into the teasingly pleasant places of our youth.  Enjoy.