Lee, Eun Mi Title: Hope
Lee, Eun Mi Title: Hope
  • Lee, Eun Mi Title: Hope
  • Lee, Eun Mi Title: Hope

Lee, Eun Mi Title: Hope


Eun Mi Lee


Smoke Fire on Porcelain, Fishing Line

72 x 97 x 2"


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During the time I was working on this project, I was feeling a bit bleak and exhausted. Just like how not everyone can always be happy, I was going through a difficult period myself. I wanted to express these emotions through the process of smoke firing, symbolizing my personal journey. 


Artist Statement:

My work explores the interaction and interconnection between a microcosm and all of its surroundings. Within the small world, I discover the hidden beauty and complexity, where individual forms and textures interact and evolve, mirroring the world in which we live. We each have our roles and values, coexisting harmoniously as unique beings. Just as small pieces come together to form a larger shape, our individual efforts and values converge to shape our present society. A result of the interplay between materials inspired by the microcosm and the power of imagination, my work gives birth to new forms to capture the essence of my personal time and experience through the ongoing interaction with clay, tools, and natural elements. Respecting individual and collective identity, a thought provoking visual is presented as a reminder of the importance of harmonious coexistence as distinct beings and interdependence of each personal journey aiming to create a more enriched society.

Collection: Ceramic Show “Nature & Coalescence” Exhibition

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