Closer to the Heart Woodworking

Michael Christman, Creator and Owner
After thirty years of planes, rental cars and meetings throughout the country, it was time for Michael to het back to his youth and creative side. He had always loved woodworking and creating, but had limited time during his professional career to dive into design any more than as a hobby.
In 2019, Michael departed from the busy world of health insurance to establish Closer to the Heart Woodworking. He has reconnected with his passion and tackled a variety of projects for clients ranging from built-ins and bars to organic, natural feeling pieces reflection a connection to the wood and the beauty that is hidden within.
He focuses, where possible, of fully sustainable locally cut, salvaged and milled wood, such as cherry, walnut, maple and others. Each tree and piece of wood gets a second chance to write a new story and bring pleasure to the craftsman and the household where it finds a new home.
Every new slab of wood brings new opportunities to learn and develop skills and delight his customers. The company is called Closer to the Heart Woodworking. The names “Closer to the Heart” is a play on words celebrating the heartwood of the tree. We strive to celebrate the life of the tree and allow each piece of wood to dictate how to bring forth its beauty. We use natural food safe Odie’s oil products and hard wax to nourish, enhance and finish all of our creations.
All of our pieces are hand made and each one is unique, pulling out the best grain and beauty a piece has to offer. We believe that folks will enjoy a little piece of sustainable Virginia history for many years to come.
Please check out our Instagram Closer2heartwoodworking for additional pieces and to request estimates on custom pieces.


Instagram: @closer2heartwoodworking

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