American Indian/Indigenous Artists Call For Entries AMS


Call for Entries Online Only: October 1 - 15, 2022
Show Online Only:  November 1 -30, 2022

This call is open to - American Indian, also called Indian, Native American, indigenous American, aboriginal American, Amerindian, or Amerind, member of any of the aboriginal peoples of the Western Hemisphere

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How To Submit: 

1. First click here for the American Indian/Indigenous  All-Media Show Agreement (pdf) 
2. Prepare digital images for submission.
3. Email completed PDF Application and digital images as attachments to the following address:
4. Pay Here!         
5.Look for a submission confirmation email in your inbox within 3 business days.  
6. Awards - 1st $100, 2nd $75, and 3rd $50 Place in 2D, 3D, Photography and for Music Videos, Film and Performing Arts Videos


This is an online show only. Only 60 works will be shown online from the first 60 that are submitted — first come, first served, starting on the opening date of the
call for entries. 

Any medium is accepted. No reproductions or giclées
will be considered.

Crossroads Art Center will take a 30% commission on
any work sold from the online members shows. All
work submitted must be for sale.

All submissions must be completed online. The entry
fee should be paid online. Completed form must be
emailed to

Crossroads members: $15 per submission. Limit of
one submission per artist. If an artist is not a gallery
member, they may join at the time of entry at
Entry fees are not refundable for any reason.

Crossroads Art Center LLC will accept only original
fine art and photography handcrafted by the artist.

Artwork must not have been previously exhibited at
Crossroads Art Center in the all-media or members
shows. Work created in the last three years is
preferred.  The artwork you enter must not be sold by you or through another business while it is online in the specific show dates. If you do sell it during the show dates outside of Crossroads you will owe Crossroads the 20% commission.

If digital files are not a good representation of the
work they will not be placed online. Submit a digital
file that is cropped to just show the artwork only. You
will also need to provide a detail of the work and a
digital of the framed piece of art (if it is to be framed).
Take photos of 2D work hanging on a wall if not
under glass. Photograph work that will be displayed
under glass before you frame.
• Files must be in JPEG or PNG format with resolution
of 300 dpi with the longest dimension being no
more than 6” and saved at maximum quality level.
• Images should be clear and in focus. This represents
your work and how it is displayed online.
• Watermarked images will not be accepted.

Three images of each piece are required, one of the
art without frame, one with frame, and a close detail
image. If the art is unframed, then only two photos
are required. Images should be labeled accordingly: 
— Artist Name_Title_Size_Medium_Price_CROP.png
— Artist Name_Title_Size_Medium_Price_FRAME.png
— Artist Name_Title_Size_Medium_Price_DETAIL.png

For each 3D, installation, or wearable art entry,
submit one overall front image, one overall rear or
sideview image, and one detail image on a neutral
• Detail images must show an important aspect of
the art. Make sure that both the full-view and detail
images are oriented correctly. Label images in this
— Artist Name_Title_Size_Medium_Price_FRONT.png
— Artist Name_Title_Size_Medium_Price_REAR.png
— Artist Name_Title_Size_Medium_Price_DETAIL.png

Sign and initial (in two places) the entry form on page
2. Your signature and initials denote agreement to
the terms and conditions as stated on this page. Your
signature and initials are required.

Collection: Crossroads Art Center

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