Darron Franta and Savannah Ball, "Duality"

The exhibition date for Duality has been extended through, Saturday, 27 2020. 

Duality is the result of a collaboration between fine art nature photographer, Darron Franta and abstract painter, Savannah Ball. This exhibit’s forced contrast in mediums, textures and colors illustrates that harmony can beautifully coexist between artistic processes for our enjoyment. Beginning with the same landscape, Franta and Ball have allowed their styles to not only coexist but to enrich the other; bringing about wonder, awe and inspiration.

Being unified in their mutual delight of the natural world, the artists have cultivated a visual feast of two dozen works of deeply rich photographs and texturized paintings. From the deserts of California, through the canyons of Utah, into the Virginia piedmont and all the way to the coastal Atlantic — these masterful expressions showcase the beauty that surrounds us, making it possible for us to bring these sites, and the emotions they evoke, into our daily lives.


Darron Franta | www.frantaphotography.com

Savannah Ball | www.savannahballart.com


Want to learn more? Click the video below to watch Jenni Kirby interview the artists and learn more about their collaborative process.