Dorothy Fagan

Dorothy Fagan uses color to spread joy to the world. Her Blue Sky Series pairs uplifting blues, aqua, and lavender with earth colors to create clarity and stability in a changing world. Inspired by a family wildflower farm in Virginia, she weaves love and joy of children and grandchildren into her landscapes.

Fagan’s colorful garden landscapes weave energizing jewel tones with soothing pastels and grounding earth colors. Working with T-rex sized palette knives, she butters, draws and carves layers of translucent and impasto oil paint in a warp and weft of swirls, lines, and patterns.

“Through art we have the power to heal, to feel connected to each other and the Creator, and share joy.”

A printmaker by training, Fagan holds a B.F.A. from East Carolina University in Printmaking and Painting, where she studied etching, lighography, woodcut, and oil painting. She completed a ten-year Mentorship in American Master Painting with Robert Bowers Mayo in 1994. Her paintings are collected by Musee de La Grande Vigne, France, City University of New York, U Mass Memorial, Boston Children's Hospital, Longwood University Art Museum, and offices and homes across the United States and abroad.