Dorothy Fagan

Instigating Peace & Joy with Color

Dorothy Fagan’s Blooming Moonflower Dream radiates color and light from an exhibition in Milan, Italy Fashion Week to Crossroads’ All Media Show. The cutting-edge light show called DressME, suggests that ‘one should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.’ Doing just that, Fagan's unique ColorME Energized palette engages viewers with colors, activating the innate flow of Creator’s Light from the heart.  As uplifting, soothing, and energizing wavelengths of chakra energies merge dreams, memories, and day-to-day life ~ each viewer experiences their own an artist's journey within.

Dorothy Fagan began using art proactively, to transmute trauma into strokes of color.  Carving thick color with T-rex sized palette knives, layering translucent effervescent glazes, and etching her kind of gritty willow charcoal calligraphy ~ Fagan makes her mark to reveal the power of releasing emotional nudges to create a tangible kind of peace. Artist residencies in Italy and France helped her refine her chakra-aligned palette. Dorothy Fagan instigates peace and joy with color at her studio by the pond in eastern Virginia.