Elizabeth Steele

Elizabeth Steele is known for her watercolor series “WomanKind.”

She was born in Texas and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. She majored in dance at Stephens College and continued to earn an MA in expressive arts therapy at Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For the next 25 years, Elizabeth established movement therapy programs in mental health facilities, day treatment centers, nursing homes, schools, daycare centers, and recreational centers. She has danced with children and adults from 2 to 102 years of age.

She recently retired to travel with her husband, paint watercolors, and create mosaics. Elizabeth writes, “I love using watercolor as it is free-flowing, spontaneous, and surprising. I apply the paint and then wait for my subjects to emerge. With a pen, I lovingly define each one. Each painting is a celebration of the liberty and opportunities that women have and experience in our country. Each is a prayer that women around the globe may have the same.”