Emily Louise Shields

Emily Louise – Fine Art 

Richmond based artist, Emily Louise Shields has a passion for painting and drawing along with 20+ years of experience withing both mediums.

Having graduated in 2005 from James Madison University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a licensure to teach art, Emily spent 13 years withing art education in Chesterfield Co. Public Schools. In 2019 she left teaching to pursue a career as a professional oil painted

She paints en plein air & from photo references. The visual focus of her work is color, texture, & movement. Much of Emily’s work incorporates influences of water, much like many of her fondest memories. Thus it comes as no surprise that observing & capturing light & life around shores, docks and rivers is a steady theme running through her compositions. Moreover, her work champions humble spaces & celebrates the strength & vulnerability of women.

Website: www.emilylouisefineart.com

Instagram: @emilylouisefineart

Facebook: @Emilylouisefineart



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