Waite, Carol Title: Autumn Brilliance

Waite, Carol Title: Autumn Brilliance


Carol Waite

Autumn Brilliance

13 x 18”, framed to 17 x 22 x 2"

Rice Paper



Inspired by the brilliance of fall colors, I used Sumi ink and Chinese watercolors to depict a happy fall feeling.

Artist's Statement:

I developed interest in art as a young woman, majoring in Fine Arts at George Washington University, studying at the Corcoran Gallery working in oils, pastels, as well as ink and pencil.  I have always loved the beauty and peacefulness of nature, especially flowers and birds, and began experiments in Sumi-e, using Sumi ink and Chinese watercolor on rice paper.  This style takes me back to my growing up in Japan, bringing together my love of nature.


Collection: Fall

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