Fantasy Themed Exhibition Call For Entries

Themed Members Only Show!

Theme: Fantasy

Call for Entry Dates: November 1 – December 8, 2023

Entry fee $15 per entry.  You may enter up to 3 entries.  

This show is open to CAC Gallery Members Only!

No reproductions or giclees allowed. Printed digital art is allowed. 

All work must be for sale. All work must be available for sale by the artist until the end of the show. Commission for sales is 30%. 

 All pieces submitted will the show in the virtual exhibition.

You will enter online click here

All pieces to be entered through, our online call for entry processor, will be shown in the virtual exhibition. 30 pieces will be chosen to show Live at CAC.

Drop off date for the 30 chosen to be shown live: Tuesday, January 9 – Friday, January 12

Exhibition Open House: Friday, January 19, 2024, 5pm – 8pm

Exhibition Dates: Friday, January 19, 2024 – March 3, 2023

Fantasy  -  10% of the proceeds from each piece sold will benefit IFDA. Art will be shown virtually throughout the show on our website, and select pieces will be in person at CAC.

Open House - Friday, January 19, 2024, 5pm – 8pm

"We invite you to join us in Building 1 for the Gallery Member’s show titled 'Fantasy'.  This event not only promises an enriching artistic experience but also serves a greater purpose by contributing 10% of the proceeds from sales to support IFDA.  The IFDA Richmond Chapter has been inspiring collaboration within the furnishings and design industries to support its people, their products and services. IFDA Richmond is a strong, talented, and creative group of people and we strive to celebrate our members.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to IFDA Richmond for graciously sponsoring this event. To learn more about their noble cause and initiatives, please visit their website at  

You must be a Gallery Member is good standing to enter the show. If you are not a gallery member, you may join now so you can enter.  Please go to our website. Click on "Just for Artists" and then "Gallery Membership”.


Submission Details:

You will need an artist statement - 200 word limit in first person when you first register in ArtCall.

1. You do not have to create a portfolio site to enter the show.

2. The way you fill out the form is how it will be shown on the labels, awards, and publicity.

a. Name: Use Capital Letters for the first letters of your name.

b. Prices - DO NOT TYPE IN A COMMA. This produces the wrong price. ArtCall will add the comma automatically

c. Measurements - HEIGHT first, then Width then Depth (H x W x D)


3 images of each piece are required, one of the art without frame, one with frame, and a close detail image (zoomed into a small section of interest). If the art is unframed, only 2 photos are required. 

NOTE: if the work is framed, we must have the outside measurements of the frame (H x W x D). Please do not guess. If we do not have the measurements for the art and/or the framed art, your piece will not be considered to jury. Walls and backgrounds SHOULD NOT SHOW in photos. When taking the digital image please make sure the photo is not at an angle or crooked.


For each 3D, installation, or wearable art entry, submit 3 images: one overall front, one overall rear or sideview, and one detail (zoomed into a small section of interest).

• Detail images must show an important aspect of the artwork. Make sure that both the full-view and detail images are oriented correctly. Please keep backgrounds as unobtrusive as possible

d. Statement regarding the piece of art - The character limit is 300!! This is used for all publicity online and inhouse. Spellcheck it as well as word count it!

e. FYI - You can go back in and add/edit images and edit text until the call ends.

f. Please double check all information. 

After submitting, please go back in and double check your information. Did you enter the required 2 or 3 photos? Is your price correct? Measurements? Is your statement complete? Too long?

VERY IMPORTANT: You can delete and change photos, and change text within each submission up until end-of-call. Do not delete an entire submission and then replace it with a new one--ArtCall will charge you for a new submission!

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