Friends of Crossroads @ Hollywood Cemetery

Friends of Crossroads @ Hollywood Cemetery


Join Friends of Crossroads on September 15th at 10:00 am for a guided walking tour of Hollywood Cemetery, led by the Valentine Museum!

Join us and explore the history and design of Richmond’s Hollywood cemetery, including stories of rebels and rockers, politicians and Pulitzer prize winners, and, of course, two U.S. presidents: James Monroe and John Tyler. We’ll also discuss the 18,000 Civil War dead buried in Hollywood and the cemetery’s complicated legacy as a shrine to the Confederacy. Participants will examine the history of the city beautiful movement, observe the fall line and learn about the complicated history of the cemetery.

Tour Notes: Admission to this event is limited. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring bottled water. On the day of the tour, you should enter the cemetery through the main gates at Cherry and Albemarle streets, proceed past the first parking area to the bottom of the hill and bear right. Group parking is at the Weeping Birch Road maintenance area. Your tour guide will meet you there.

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