Gail Weyant

Gail Weyant creates ceramic pieces that are inspired by travel and her photography, which she uses as a basis for drawings that are carved into the clay, or as sculptural forms in pottery. She also enjoys Raku firing, pit firing, jagger firing, and crystalline glazing techniques. She owes her love of photography to her parents: her father put a camera in her hands at the age of seven. By the age of nine years old, she was making darkroom prints.

In college, Gail explored ceramics and, after graduating with a teaching degree and a minor in studio art, she worked as an art teacher and studio potter for several years. She also began photojournalistic work for a local newspaper, which eventually led to forming her own multi-media company. During this time, she earned an associates degree in commercial photography and a Masters degree in art education from Virginia Commonwealth University. She recently retired from Fairfax County public schools, where she was employed as an instructor in advance photography, computer graphics, ceramics, and sculpture for 23 years.

Gail uses the computer as a tool for art, incorporating all of her negatives, slides, prints, and digital files from a lifetime of work. From this archive, she is able to revisit older images, combining them into new metaphorical compositions.

Gail has a strong interest in American Civil War history, and she has photographed the 125th and150th anniversary of Civil War events, including a collection of Civil War combat reenactment images that involved her participation on the front lines of battle reenactment scenes. This body of work resulted in three solo shows, and the work is in private and museum collections.

Gail Weyant currently has no products for sale online.

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