Gayle Ennis

Gayle Ennis was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, and obtained a degree in business at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1969. She enjoyed a long career in business before retiring in 2007. She loves nature, the water, and traveling, and admires imagination, creativity, organization, laughter, love, and a caring heart.

What brings her joy? Her pottery! Her work is high-energy organic, using a combination of texture, torn edges, and cascading colors. She often uses crushed glass in her pieces to enhance the energy. Each one-of-a-kind piece is hand-built, making it uniquely fluid and sculptural. She uses white stoneware fired to cone 6, cone 10, and raku.

Each piece begins with an idea, but many times her heart and hands overrule her mind. Her work is about experimentation, always in the moment, a joining of thought and action. She truly hopes it reflects the whimsical spirit and joy with which it is created. “Art” is hard to articulate, but it’s a language we each understand in our own way.


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