Jackie Lewke

Jackie’s journey into stained glass art started over 35 years ago. While studying Communications and Art in college, she would spend school breaks and summers with her mother learning stained glass design. Her love of drawing and art made stained glass a very natural medium. In the late 1980’s, she helped her mother create her own studio and the first “Glass Shanty” was established in the mountains of North Carolina. It was during those years helping her mother build her business that she developed her own style. 

After her mother passed, she continued to finesse her skills mostly through trial and error. The Glass Shanty in the mountains of North Carolina and that chapter of her life had closed but her journey had just begun. As an Army wife, she continued to hone her skills and practice her craft through various moves and assignments both state-side and overseas. For 15 years, she continued designing and creating based on where the family was located and continued to develop as an artist. In the early 2000s, a new opportunity in fashion and retail put stained glass on the back-burner for a few years however, she continued to create pieces for family and friends and never lost her love of the art. 

2016 came with many life changes and the opportunity to recommit to stained glass;  Within a year, she built her own studio and is now designing and creating full-time.  

The Glass Shanty her mother created so many years ago has been reborn and she looks forward to what the future may hold!


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