John DuVall

       Originally from Toledo, OH, John began a life-long connection to the arts when he began his passion for theatre in the 6th grade. After decades spent on stage as an actor and director, John has turned his creative eye to the visual arts, specializing in mixed media wall art, sculpture, and jewelry. He often uses mundane objects in new ways, and is fascinated with light and shadow. “I find joy in giving new purpose to objects that have lost their way. The tarnish that comes from years of existing has extraordinary beauty, and reminds us to find value when the shininess is gone. Contrast has always fascinated him—nature and industry, light and the focus of shadows, the dull and the sparkly. John loves the idea that his sculptures can be interactive—the viewer has the power to not only interpret the work of art, but change it. “As a performing artist and visual artist, I strive to find drama, celebration, and an element of creating discussion and provoking thought in whatever I create”.  —John DuVall