Keith Lanpher


A perfecter of his craft, Keith Lanpher is known for composing striking photographs worthy of staring on the covers of prominent magazines. “I didn’t ease into photography, I was struck by it. You don’t do that voluntarily, it owns you.” Keith recalls his first foray into photography using his father’s camera, and when he looked through the frame a light went off. “It was really dramatic when I looked back and realized how much I changed from that moment.”

Since that day, Keith charted his own course as a commercial photographer working with advertising agencies and corporate marking departments. Keith’s tourism & documentary work has taken him to 50 countries.” While on assignment, Keith works with Art Directors to find what they want through his own eye, and in his free time focuses on his personal photography. “While work is not romantic at all, that’s how you get from inspiration to output. It’s volition, interpretation, and output. Many occasions you may not be rewarded, but you have to keep showing up and it will pay off.”

When it comes to his creative work, Keith crafts scenes evoking emotion that are centered around everyday life, and the human condition. The creative process is abstract. There is no formula or simple explanation, but it starts with being visually sensitive to what’s going on around you. Many times there are very striking moments and juxtapositions that stimulate and attract you.” Aside from his fellow contemporaries, Keith draws inspiration from the Dutch Impressionists, whose use of light, contrast, and emotion are noted in his photography.

Through his travels and years of work, Keith has tried to live by the words of Anthony Burrill’s Poster, Work Hard & Be Nice to People. “I've always felt that the returns and responses on your work are not guaranteed, but what you can guarantee is how you treat other people when you’re at work. Show up and do the work, and be nice to people.”



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