Lisa Macchi


An artist with noteworthy provenance, Lisa Macchi emerged into the art world with promise but a fateful moment in her career led her to take a 30-year hiatus from painting. During her early years, after college, Lisa attended the Art Students League in New York City where she studied with renowned modernist Knox Martin and Peter Golfinopoulos. Later, she worked at the Provincetown Workshop with Leo Manso and Victor Candell.

While Lisa had significant traction in New York City, she reached a pivotal point in her art career. “Having worked diligently with my mentors, I really relied on them to critique and give me insight. I will never forget when Leo Manso said, ‘if you can find a dozen people in your life that truly understand your work, then count yourself lucky’. I realized I couldn’t survive emotionally on that alone, so I stopped painting for 30 years.” It was 10 years ago when Lisa returned to her art, to seek clarity and began painting “for my own satisfaction”.

Regarding her creative process, Lisa says “I'm not a planner, I'm a reactor. I react to the gestures I make on the canvas.” She believes each painting provides its own learning lesson and often the hardest part is knowing when to put the paintbrush down. Lisa prefers to paint in series and considers most of her work landscape based, characterized by strong brushstrokes. “The fun part is putting them together and letting your critical eye become mute and your intuition take over.”

For Lisa, inspiration is found predominantly in color. “There's an emotional potency of color which excites me.” Like many abstract expressionists, there is often a desire by the viewer to understand meaning behind the work, to which Lisa says, “you need to decide first what you see – does it make you feel something?” With Lisa’s work, there is always more depth. There are layers of color, texture, and even applied paper. As is true with people and art, Lisa says “it’s a matter examining and looking at the surface on multiple levels.”



Lisa is an abstract expressionist working in a modern impressionistic painting/collage style. She draws her inspiration from nature, relationships and the contrasting depths between shapes, colors and space.

She received a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from the Tyler School of Fine Arts at Temple University in Pennsylvania in 1966. During the 70’s, she attended the Art Students League in New York City where she studied with renowned modernist Knox Martin and Peter Golfinopoulos.

She was a scholarship student for several years at the Provincetown Workshop on Cape Cod and worked with Leo Manso and Victor Candell. Her work was shown in various group shows, and she was a runner up for a renowned year abroad offered by the Art Students League.

Lisa had a loft in New York and immersed herself in to the New York art scene. She found she possessed a keen eye and developed a powerful sense of real and surreal in contrast with her existence with nature and received the beginning of some recognition.

After several years she came to a crossroad. Understanding that art is a full time commitment, she realized early on she was not ready to live with the struggle that was ahead of her. While her love for the arts never left her, Lisa left the New York art  scene and took a hiatus from her art. She went on to become a successful, highly regarded business woman, and to have a family.

In 2012 the love of her life was diagnosed with cancer. This stirred those deep, driving emotions and rekindled her passion for her art. She was ready to start painting again. Then devoting her energy full time to her art, Lisa opened a studio in Bedminster, NJ. After a successful art career in the Ny Metro area she moved in 2018 to Palmyra VA just outside of Charlottesville VA and juried into the renowned Mc Guffey Art Center where she currently has a studio.

Lisa’s work has been shown at Riverside Studio in Pottersville NJ, Connections in Easton PA, New Century Artist Galley in Chelsea NY, New Century Artist Galley in NYC, Solo Show at Hunterdon Art Museum in Clinton NJ, Hive Gallery in Chester NJ, LBI Arts Foundation in Loveladies NJ, Contour 19 in Boston MA, Solace Gallery in Surf City NJ, Somerset Art Association in Pluckeim NJ, and Mc Guffey Art Center Charlottesville in VA Second Street Gallery Charlottesville and Crossroads Art Center Richmond Among others.