Liz Doody

Liz Doody- Artist:  Welcome to the world of cold wax and oil painting! I love creating abstract art from this medium. The cold wax and oil combined together provides texture and a translucent effect. Many pieces have other medias added in as paper, sand, or the earth. Markings are incorporated within the pictures that give it individual meanings. Each piece has a special meaning to me and I hope you can find as much happiness in it as I do. Many ask where I get my inspiration. Although different pieces can come from different intentions, most of my work is rooted from my time living in St. Thomas, USVI. The vibrancy of the ocean and land play a big role in my work. The peace and tranquility of the island transcends into my work. The Hurricane Irma removed us from our life in St Thomas, but my feelings stayed with me. I feel I'm able to give “Shape” to my feelings from that time in my life, as well as the present. Today I live in New Kent, VA ,but still travel to different places and creations can come out of those trips and their surroundings. I tend to see the world in shapes and textures from emotions and this plays a big role in my creations. When I combine these all together- my art appears! I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it!