Lynn Limon

Lynn Limon, an award-winning, fine art photographer is an artist-in-residence at the Crossroads Art Center, in Richmond, Virginia. Lynn enjoys capturing images of broad, dramatic landscapes, of intimate flower and garden scenes, and of architectural details in both new and well-worn buildings. Lynn has a wide spectrum of iconic images from Richmond and is known locally for her annual Richmond calendar.

Photographs from several visits to Europe offer examples of the diversity of Lynn’s work, including images from a Western Ireland walking tour with marvelous examples of stone in the architecture and landscapes, a visit to the warmth and allure of Italy represented in the uniqueness of Venice and the hill towns of Tuscany of Umbria, a journey to Northern Spain’s lush green spaces, and a look at London and Paris’ colorful subways. Her Paris and London collections are a series of images contrasting the curves of older architectural structures with the angularity of newer designs.

She offers for sale a variety of matted and framed images, as well as note cards and magnets.