Mary Zoller Lightner

Mary Zoller Lightner has a passion for glass art.  It has opened up a whole new world of color, light, and inspiration for her.


The Creative Process

I use a variety of methods to create art. The most recent one I have learned is called sgraffito, originating with Italian glass artists. It refers to using glass powder to paint. This is like painting with colored air and quite challenging.  I used this technique exclusively with two three-dimensional pieces; “Sierra’s” and “Birds in Flight,” as shown on my website.

I use many different types of glass (e.g., transparent, opaque, streaky, striker) and in many forms (i.e, powder, frit, stringers).  

Fusing glass requires knowledge of viscosity (the speed and way in which glass melts) and how it reacts with other glass. This can produce a variety of effects, some of which can be controlled but may still result in surprises.

When I make jewelry, I layer dichroic glass to create depth and rich color. Sometimes use this expensive, sparkly, often textured glass in combination with powders, frit or murrini to make pendants.