Marybeth Eilerson

Marybeth Eilerson paints in layers of acrylic and ink, inspired by her previous focus on ceramics and the glazing process. She was member of various artist cooperatives in Richmond and Charlottesville, and showed her work in juried shows such as Arts in the Park in downtown Richmond and Arts Around the Lake at the University of Richmond. While creating ceramics, it was the glazing process that intrigued her most, and she developed a technique of painting layers of glaze while using resists to form intricate patterns.

Layering continues to be a hallmark of her work today. Her acrylic and ink paintings often have seven to ten layers of mark making before she gains a specific focus on a piece, allowing the subject to present itself from the depths of the layers. She paints with a wide range of tools in additional to traditional brushes, experimenting with anything she can use to make a unique mark: buttons, legos, doilies, wooden skewers, screws, combs, credit cards, sliced limes … the possibilities are endless.

Because of the depth of these random layers, all pieces are unique and cannot be replicated, even by the artist. This intuitive method of painting keeps her work fresh and allows a joyfulness in the process to seep through. The comment most often heard is, “Your art makes me smile.” Where you hang them, you’ll feel the joy!