Mel Talley

First and foremost, I am a traditional photographer that shoots diverse subjects; shooting driven solely by a personal creative vision with the associated challenge to create a final image or series of images. While I have had work recognized as "art", I leave any judgments of my work as "art" or me as an "artist" to others. I am content to simply describe myself as a “photographer”.

My shooting ranges from a traditional documentary approach of capturing a "moment in time" to the very different challenge of creating an image that rests solely in my imagination; the result being a concatenation of idea, content and execution.  Any further attempt of elaboration would be superfluous at best.   

A continuing goal is to create work that causes individuals to take pause and actively view.  The work, my “statement”, does not attempt to shout a message to the viewer but alternatively strives to be a catalyst for individuals to explore and create a narrative from their imaginations; thus a symbiotic creative collaboration is formed between the work and the onlooker.

Simply put ….....”I see....literally or with my mind's eye…I shoot....I create”

Twitter: @meltalley