Missy Goode

Missy Goode is an oil painter working in Richmond, Virginia. She paints the people, places, and objects around her, using close observation to draw out underlying harmonies of color and form with each composition. She has experience and interest in the texture and pigments of her paints, and she uses thick, energetic brush strokes. Missy's paintings leave viewers with a new perspective in the intensity of arrangements of shapes and form.

Missy Goode studied art at Mary Baldwin College and graduated in 1982. She continued to take classes at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts as she raised a family. In the past 5 years, she has been painting outside, as well as taking Laura Loe's workshop at Nimrod Hall. Currently Missy studies under Curney Nuffer, is involved with the Tuckahoe Artist Association as their vice president, and sells her oil paintings at Crossroads Art Center.