Muthulakshmi Anu Narasimhan

For Muthulakshmi Anu Narasimhan, she seeks to artistically connect her experiences through studies in technique, color, and subject matter. Read more of our Interview with Anu by clicking here

Muthulakshmi Anu Narasimhan was born in Southern India and was raised in the Netherlands before finally settling in Virginia. She holds a bachelor’s in studio art from Virginia Tech. She started exploring pastels during her bachelors and it was love at first sight. The rich colors and the immediate effect of pastels had her hooked. There was no looking back after that. Although she still works in oil paint, acrylic, pen and ink, and watercolors, pastels are her primary medium.

Muthulakshmi’s inspirations are tied in her varied upbringing and Indian roots. The rich cultural history and colors of her country of birth play a prominent role in her art. She seeks to bridge all her experiences onto the canvas through explorations of technique, color, and subject matter.


Instagram: @Art_by_Lakshmi

Facebook: artbylakshmi216