Nancy Varipapa

Nancy Varipapa paints as an emotional response to color. Through brilliant color, she elicits feelings such as excitement, melancholy, and joy. After mixing each hue, she works quickly with her palette knife to juxtapose vivid and complex shades. She responds viscerally to each color, working to create a sense of balance and conflict in the painting, intertwining the colors in constant dialogue. It is not specific shapes, the scale, or the composition that concerns her, but the way these elements are molded by color to create a whole.

The harmonious distribution of color throughout the canvas blends the background and foreground into a single plane. When viewers look at Nancy’s painting, they will not see a vase of flowers or a portrait or a landscape, but an intuitive celebration of color that contains the subject within. The many layers of paint give the work an additional textural and sculptural quality. The viewer may feel the need to touch the paintings because the experience is tactile as well as visual.

Nancy’s art is influenced by the subtle hues of Monet, and inversely, the bold colors of van Gogh. Most importantly, she draws her inspiration from the every changing colors of nature.

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