Nell Fredericksen

Goldsmith / Potter

Nell Fredericksen is both a custom design fine art jeweler and potter and has been working in both mediums for more than 30 years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Zoology and has accumulated more than 40 hours at the graduate level in metals and ceramics. She is also an Artisan Center of Virginia Juried Master Artisan. Her work, both in fine jewelry and functional pottery, hint at many forms and colors found in the natural world and reflects her deep appreciation and understanding of its fragility and complexity. It has been said that she is " artist of real integrity, whose work is an expression of a deep love of nature and a profound respect for its claims.... an imaginative and meticulous craftsman - one who handles color and line and shape with a poet's sensitivity and a scientist's discipline...."  Currently, Nell lives and works surrounded by her beloved Blue Ridge Mountains on 32 acres of wooded land in Ferrum, Va.  She is married to lifelong friend and love, Todd, and they have two wonderfully energetic children, Neil and Lily.