Nga Bui Katz

About the Artist:

Nga Bui Katz was born in Vietnam. She is a widow, US Citizen for the past sixty years, and a permanent resident of Charlottesville, VA.
For forty years, Nga (Pronounced NA) has exhibited her art from Vietnam, Japan and Hawaii to Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. She is a member of C’ville Art Gallery in the Downtown Mall of Charlottesville for the last sixteen years.
Nga Bui spent seven years leaning Japanese art in Tokyo. Studied Chinese Art at the Honolulu Academy of Art, and studied for a decade with Master Mr. Henry Wo Yue Kee and I. Hsiung Ju a professor emeritus of art at Washington & Lee University in Lexington, VA
About her life as an artist, Nga says, “Being an artist is to be in a dream world. I can build bridges, create mountains, make waterfalls or just a garden full of colorful flowers with beautiful birds and creatures who share out planet. They make us happy whether in our life or in my paintings. Above all else, I am Nature’s painter.”
Nga’s work is influenced by Chinese and Japanese brush painting Sumi-e (brush painting with ink and water) or on rice paper or silk scroll. This type of painting has expanded to watercolor as well. The Sumi-e style never tries to create photo realistic images of nature rather it intends to enhance our perception of it. Artists who work in this tradition, strive to capture the essence and beauty of nature, reminding us to love, share and treasure it.