Nora Baldacci

Nora Baldacci uses the brand name Blackberry Lily for her jewelry. Like the perennial’s iris-like leaves and simple-yet-dramatic petals that give way to blackberry clusters, each piece reflects the unique personality of its namesake.

What began as a hobby has evolved into a passion, filled with opportunities to let the tendencies of structure and logic give way to the creative process, a stark contrast to the discipline of Nora’s career path of banker, engineer, and human resources business partner.

Nora believes it is fascinating to create a necklace — simply through combining color and texture — that can bring back memories of a walk through the woods on a late fall afternoon. Or a bracelet with colors so bright and perky that it conjures images a beloved little parrot.

When someone asks her to make a custom piece for a gift, it’s a privilege. Nora says, “Being able to create something that celebrates the uniqueness of an individual while paying tribute to a cherished friendship, how cool is that?”

Nora Baldacci currently has no products for sale online.

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