Brown, Lori and D Title: Ooh that Feeling
Brown, Lori and D Title: Ooh that Feeling
  • Brown, Lori and D Title: Ooh that Feeling
  • Brown, Lori and D Title: Ooh that Feeling

Brown, Lori and D Title: Ooh that Feeling


Lori and D Brown

Ooh That Feeling

Ink on Cotton Textured Paper

20 x 16", framed to 28 x 24 x .75"


There are moments in time that elevate a culture. This moment opens up itself for the world to take notice of its contribution to society. Color television and the introduction of Soul Train was one of those moments.

Artist Statement:


What happens when an artist and a visionary come together for a common passion? An infusion of culture, human creative skill, and imagination called Brown’stract™. Art that brings life to walls and depth to interiors.

Our Story

The Artist

D Brown, the artist, first put a drawing pencil in his hand at the age of five. Drawing and sketching was a form of escape, in dealing with the loss of sight in his left eye from an unfortunate accident as a toddler. Creating art forced him to adjust to the use of vision in one eye, while at the same time sharpening his sense of detail in every line he drew or sketched. This attention to detail led him to a Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialization in Interior Design from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Richmond, VA.

His expertise in the usage of space has provided him the opportunity to outfit major global corporations as SunTrust Bank (Truist Bank), Bank of America, Marshall Diel & Myers (leading law firm in Bermuda), and the Government of Bermuda to name a few.

The Visionary

Lori Joe Brown, the visionary, is a certified executive coach with a passion for developing others and a love of art. “Art can be inspirational, provide hope, extract beauty in unpleasant environments, and strengthen confidence. I want to be able to offer that to the world!”

D Brown and Lori Joe Brown, united their passion for art in 2020, deciding to bring together their love of art, love of culture and love for each other. Their hope is that you will feel the beauty of their work in your homes, offices, and any space that needs to be filled with inspiration, culture and sense of community through art.

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