Angus Wilson Title: Post Impressionistic Still Life
Angus Wilson Title: Post Impressionistic Still Life
  • Angus Wilson Title: Post Impressionistic Still Life
  • Angus Wilson Title: Post Impressionistic Still Life

Angus Wilson Title: Post Impressionistic Still Life


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Angus Wilson

Post Impressionistic Still Life


32" x 26"



Angus’ work is immediately evocative of the masters of the past. He’s an expressionist in the purest sense, manipulating his subject in color and form to evoke his own interpretation and vision of the subject, blnding his imagination with the subject. There is a strong link in the work to the post-impressionist and artists such as Gaugin, Cezanne and Matisse. However on closer examination, elements of late expressionism and modernist abstraction can be witnessed. For example, his palettes are often bolder, the compositions more contemporary, and color planes presented flatter than the traditional post-impressionists.

Isaac Newton is quoted with "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." Angus has confidentially stood on such shoulders, and become a giant in his own rights. He has defined a style onto himself, an evolution of what's come before presented in a way that is both evocative and fresh, reminiscent and new.

Artist Influence

When people view my work they are struck by the bold strokes and strong use of color. Certainly my first response is to color and light, I then searches for ways to enhance this response.

Matisse was quoted as stating 'Seek the strongest color effect possible... the content is of no importance.' Within my work I find an uncanny resonance and empathy to these remarks. For it is not the subjects I respond to but their shapes and forms, and the emotions and drama that they produce. I'm drawn to subjects through nuance and often quite subtle lighting effects, however this is simply a starting point for my creative process. Though initially I work quite closely with my subject, I progressively move away from the source, choosing instead to focus on the canvas itself. A painting should stand alone, and be judged and appreciated on it's own merits; and there's nothing drearier than a faithful representation. By working on the canvas alone I can bring more of my vision, my emotions, and passion to the work. Thus, I become closer to my ideals.

Within my paintings I strive to create a singularly unique vision on the world. A projection of my feelings, and imagination on the subject, providing a distinctive voice that is unlike anything else. Every painter leaves their marks on the canvas, it's impossible to hide, whether with brush, pencil or knife, we can always see the artists mark and recognize the work with how they paint. This identifiability and the importance of 'having a style' is fundamental to me. I would feel I had failed unless my work is instantly recognizable and seen as distinctive and unique."

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