Sally Booth

Sally Booth was born and raised in Richmond, VA.  She has had a creative spirit all her life.  When she was 8 years old, she remembers tagging along with her mother to paint outdoors.  Her interest in art continued to develop during her teenage years, but it was not an easy journey.

The Dean of the Art School told Sally she would most likely not get into Art School, doubting her lack of drawing abilities and experience.  This just made Sally more determined to get into the Art Foundation Program at Virginia Commonwealth University, where drawing became a major focus and accomplishment for her.   She studied Art Education at VCU where she received her BFA degree.  She credits Art Ed with providing her the opportunity to experiment with all types of media.    Her experience in the School’s painting studios was an important part of her progression as an artist.

After teaching Art (K-5) for several years,  Sally stopped to become a stay-at-home mom.  It seemed as though her journey in art had come to an end.  It was not until her kids were in elementary school that she decided to take a few art classes from a local artist.  This marked the next chapter in her quest for a career in art.

Thirty years later, after numerous workshops and online classes, Sally has become a full-time oil painter who works in her home studio.  She describes herself as a Representational/Impressionist painter.  But, watch out, that could change as she is never satisfied with the ordinary or mundane.  Sally looks for the light and shadows; the shapes and nuances of temperature and value in the landscape or a still-life.  One thing is certain:  Sally Booth is a student who is  constantly learning about painting in oils.  She says,  “The glory and the humiliation is a part of every painting. It’s about the journey…..getting there is half the fun!  When the painting is a success—well, that’s just icing on the cake!”

Memberships:  James River Art League(Past President), Tuckahoe Artists Association (Past President), Virginia Plein Air Painters, Alumni of Catch the Light, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Resident Artist at Crossroads Art Center, Richmond, Virginia

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