Savannah Ball Title: New Growth

Savannah Ball Title: New Growth


Savannah Ball

New Growth

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas

24" x 18"


Each painting on canvas is varnished, signed and professionally wired -  ready to hang in your space! 


This work was created for my collection, “All Wonder and Light,” which is a curated collection of paintings celebrating growth, freedom, and joy through colors and compositions inspired by the beauty observed in nature. These selected pieces exemplify the renewed sense of wonder and delight that I have experienced in my art practice and, more broadly, in the blossoming fullness of my own life.  


While creating this collection, I experienced personal disappointments, fear, and unexpected setbacks; but those instances were also accompanied by incredible healing, peace, and joy. Each painting marks a specific moment in time when a fundamental decision was made to change and move forward. Collectively, they showcase the hard earned victories on the other side of many challenges. They are a celebration of perseverance and a reminder to pause and recognize the beauty all around us.  


Using reimagined landscape compositions and color schemes, this exhibition acknowledges the old ways and showcases new methods adopted in my creative process. A dedication to uniformity, neatness, and texture is coupled with a celebration of freedom, playfulness, and joy. The intent is that neither focus takes precedence over the other and that both are equally valued.  


It is my personal belief that no season in our lives, however difficult, is without value. Each hardship is an opportunity to overcome and gain strength. My hope is that these pieces fill you with joy and inspire you to choose to see all the wonder and light in our world. 

Collection: Savannah Ball

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