September 2022 All Media Show

Special thank-you to all the artists who entered!

The show is online and a selected number are also being shown live in the art center. The Online ONLY pieces are noted on the product page. 

Show Dates - September 16, 2022 through November 6, 2022


3D Category
First Place: Frank Shepard, Helena
Second Place: David Bushman, Hengill
Third Place: Charles Sthreshley, Holy Squad
Honorable Mention: David Bushman, Leaf Bowl
Honorable Mention: Frank Shepard, Sea Biscuit


2D Category
First Place: Jean Grunewald, Path Thru the Pots
Second Place: Joan Layne, Adorned
Third Place: Brenda M. Sylvia, Over the Hill
Honorable Mention: Sallie Grant, In the Garden
Honorable Mention: Jean Grunewald, Memories of Enzo
Honorable Mention: Levi Keatts, Distilled
Honorable Mention: Priscilla Simpson, Garden Party
Honorable Mention: Jane Skafte, When I Am Among the Trees



First Place: Robert Pfeifer, Helens
Second Place: Tim Maupin, Distant Storm
Third Place: Stan Maupin, Boneyard Beach Meteor
Honorable Mention: Ann Fulcher, Daisy Sunrise
Honorable Mention: Robert Pfeifer, Getting Tickets at the Byrd Theater